In 2008 I started with the University of Phoenix working on an Associates in Accounting. Classes went well, but my student loans were very high. I decided I wanted to try for my Bachelors in Accounting. Again my student loans were high. I had numerous financial advisers and class counselors through this course. They did not help me find a job once I completed my associates or my bachelors in accounting. After graduating with my bachelors I decided I wanted to try for my Masters in Elementary Education. Not once did an adviser say that I should probably start at the beginning and work my way up to my Masters for Elementary Education. I have struggled the entire time I was working on my masters.

The school held me up numerous times because they had hoops that I had to jump through, that cost huge out of pocket expenses like testing, fingerprinting (for both Oregon and Arizona), and numerous other things. No one told me how much out of pocket I would have to put in to learning how to be a teacher. Plus I had to take two classes, that I had to pay for out of my pocket, regarding U.S. Constitution and Arizona Constitution. I had a physical education teacher who did not have any knowledge of physical education and was extremely harsh in her attitude toward the class. When I was placed for student teaching last year and had issues with the placement instead of actually listening to what I had to say, they took the side of the school district. I regret going with them. Don't go with them. There are financial aid issues and they do almost anything to get you to join.

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