I have a business and merchant account with US Bank. They should change their slogan to "All of US stealing from all of U." This bank will nickel and dime you to death for everything and they don't care. We have been charged fees and not had them returned. We were promised a Credit card machine for one price $150.00 and then charge $250.00 and heard well the $150.00 was for a used Credit card machine and all we had was a new one so you have to pay full price.

This is a great forum to start your complaint about US bank. If you are having trouble with US Bank please file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. On the web their address is www.OCC. Gov. You can file your complaint online. This is the Federal government agency that oversees the banking industry and they take complaints very seriously and the bank has to respond to all complaints through the OCC office unlike through the BBB. On the front page of the OCC you will see a section called Dispute resolution. Under there is a link which at the time of writing this is Consumer Complaints. This is where you can fill out your online complaint.

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