I opened a new account with US Bank in early November 2015 and everything started off going really well. The employees were friendly and very helpful in every respect. They left me with a great impression of their bank and its services. I used a cash advance from another debit card to fund the opening deposit for the checking account I started with them and after a few minutes of signing papers and providing information I got my temporary card, activated my pin (with their kind help), and was on my way.

The week after the account was opened I went to use my card (after getting the official one in the mail and discarding the temporary one) and it was consistently being declined. I checked with their automated phone system and was told my balance was exactly zero. When I called customer service to resolve this issue (I'd very clearly done the initial deposit, and even had a bank receipt confirming the cash advance) they involved the original branch where I signed up and handed the issue off to them for investigation and resolution. After reviewing the issue with the local employees, I was informed that their manager would research the situation and contact me with further information. After he didn't call me I reached out to them and was told that his conclusion was that she (the banker I dealt with) "must have given me the cash from my cash advance so that's why there's nothing in the account."

They passed off the responsibility to me when in fact I was never handled any cash at all, and so my opening deposit was lost and it was my fault. It upset me a great deal to encounter such dishonesty and I hung up on them. I immediately called their customer service line and canceled my account and left my feedback about their branch location. Do NOT trust US Bank with your money at all. Do not do it. My loss was only the minimum amount needed to open account, but what would I have lost if more had been deposited? Find a trustworthy bank and let them earn your business.

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