I received a letter in the mail that I had a overage of my escrow in the amount of $2200 and that I would get the refund if I was not delinquent. I called to see if I could have the amount deposited into my account and was informed that I was delinquent so I wouldn't get the refund. Turns out I was never delinquent. Had never been delinquent. Always made my mortgage payment on time in the full amount. Appeared that US Bank applied my payments incorrectly. Thus making it see as though I missed a few payments.

Once the issue was resolved I then received an updated letter that I now owe $200, which means no escrow refund. Also my mortgage payment will go up a little. Imagine my disappointment thinking I would get a nice check around the holidays only to be told a few weeks later that I now owe. Why would they even send me a letter telling me of the overage if they knew my account was delinquent. Couldn't saved me a lot of disappointment. Overdraft fees are also ridiculous. I don't understand how I am subjected to overdraft fees when clearly have money in my account. Something is not quite right here.

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