Super upset that just before the holidays. I am sent my statement for my house loan showing I don’t owe a payment till Dec 1. I get a phone call from US Bank saying that they need two payments immediately of which I can only come up with one using the money I was going to use for my family's Thanksgiving. My checking account has also been having some discrepancies through them.

As I purchased a video game online through for my husband, three days after the original purchase cleared, there is two more pending charges for the exact same amount that they can’t seem to remove. The game store database shows only the one purchase and US Bank tells me that they don’t know where the money went to or why it's pending and started to blame the game store in which I’ve never had issues with. Everyday hurts more and more when I now can’t give my family a Thanksgiving and probably won’t be able to go see family around Christmas this year. And every day I hope that I can eventually transfer all my assets and credit to my credit union that my car payment is through.

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