Do not use this company for banking, whatever you do. They used to be excellent but in the past three years, have drastically gone downhill. They randomly hold checks for random amounts of time, up to 10 business days. Money orders are cash, right??? Well, at every other bank they are but not at USAA. They will hold your money order which is supposed to be cash for anywhere up to 10 business days too. Don't rely on them if you need your money like an ordinary person.

Whenever you pay a money order in through UPS, it will go on hold. Where I live, there's no other way to put cash in. Then, their customer service will have the nerve to tell you that to them, money orders are not cash. That you owe them $29 in fees because you tried to get money into your bank account quickly to cover your bills. Please hear me, go to a local credit union or local bank where you can speak face to face and use them instead. USAA are scoundrels and only care about charging you fees.

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