Seems we're always shopping for homeowners and automobile insurance. A few years ago we opted to go with USAA for all of our insurance: home, auto's, boat, motorcycle, etc. The homeowners and autos were through USAA. The boat and motorcycle were through Progressive by USAA. We found the auto insurance to be at a lower rate than our previous carrier but the homeowners was at a considerably higher rate than our previous carrier! So, basically we didn't save any money by switching over.

I will say that our other carriers had local agents while USAA had none, which made me wonder how complex it would be to file a claim! We never filed any claims but just received paperwork regarding our roof age and type, which inevitably would result in an even higher premium! As a result we are again researching other insurance companies and will most likely go back to our old carrier… State Farm, lower rates overall, same coverage, and if the past is any indication, no issues when filing a claim. All in all, USAA is not a bargain, just another insurance company that is playing off and getting rich off the veterans and their families. So typical!

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