Called Post office early to track my daughters Birthday gift that was returned from San Antonio Texas. When CSR answered phone she was very rude. Told CSR my post office at Hines V. A hospital said package is at their facility and she said no its not here its some where in Texas. Did not search look or whatever then said goodbye have a nice day. Got up went there quick. Told CSR at cashier what transpired on phone and she insisted the info I gave her is wrong so I gave her the parcel slip left at my mailbox. Low and behold the package was there.

Asked to speak to Supervisor and Cashier also treated me horribly. Asked Supervisor for Names of Individuals. She stated in a tone voice "that was totally disrespectful to me. Im not allowed to do that here. Call this number. Do what you have to do and have a nice day" I stated "Im not done yet. I have to remail this package back to my daughter" and the CSR at The cashier stated "Im not dealing with him. You cant do this here. You have to go to another Post office" in front of all the people. As a veteran I have never been treated so terrible and made to feel so awful.

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