I had a parcel sent from the US to Australia. Simple, right? Not quite. The tracking info showed the parcel bouncing around the US for a while, seeing the country I suppose. The last time I checked, my parcel was at Heathrow Airport in England, across the other side of the world in another hemisphere. I finally was able to email USPS with a complaint, I had to use the sender's address and details as the USPS online system stonewalls any attempt by anyone overseas to make online contact.

USPS' reply was beyond belief, it assured me that it was normal practice to send a parcel to Australia via England. Seriously? They are either stupid or think I am. What earthly reason would compel USPS to put a package on a plane to a destination tens of thousands of miles from its final point of delivery. The email suggested that if I weren't happy with the response I could pick up the phone and call the Houston USPS office. When? At 2: am? Long distance? I don't think so. I was unable to reply the no reply USPS email. This whole thing is frustrating me beyond endurance.

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