I have had nothing but trouble with my mailwoman. Over the winter, a snow plow knocked my mailbox down. She immediately left me a nasty note saying she will no longer deliver mail to me until it is fixed. So, ok, I put the mailbox back up, and tied it on, hopefully until the ground thawed so I could put a new post in the ground. She wrote me another nasty note, giving me exact measurements it has to be or she will not deliver the mail to me. I caught her as she was leaving, and explained that this wasn’t my fault, her reply, "I don't care. It needs to be fixed per my instructions" and drove off without giving me any mail. I finally got it up and mail has been coming.

However, I am sure I am missing mail, or very late. For instance, an insurance company mailed out 4 checks to me and 3 of my brothers who all live in the same city. They all got theirs today, I am still waiting. And of course no one will believe me. The post woman would never do that. Yeah, whatever. The only recourse I have, is venting. So, Here I am. Thanks for listening.

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