I live on Kauai, and it costs a bundle to get stuff shipped here. I missed a package because I was out of town on a family emergency and went to get it as soon as I arrived home. They had returned the package to sender. I accepted this and contacted seller to reship and paid shipping again. I continued to receive 'we missed you' slips and went to the post office again, in less than 15 days, and was told that my package had been returned to sender. This time there was no sender on the slip, and they could not tell me the sender or any additional information about the package aside from the tracking number. I asked to speak with a manager, and when I requested paperwork to in the future delay return to sender action, he told me that what I can do is get to the post office on time.

I questioned whether there were one or two packages returned to sender, and suggested that the post office have sender information on packages that I feel are their responsibility. At that point he raised his voice at me in front of the other post office patrons and was extremely rude and demeaning. He actually said it was the sender's fault, they shouldn't have sent it signature required! On top of that, I work full time and this rural post office has such short hours that I have to leave work early (impossible) to get to the P. O. How they expect me to do that is just beyond me.

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