We (my wife and I) started vaping in October of 2011 and have been loyal V2 customers ever since. Over the years, our loyalty credits made the cartridges fairly inexpensive with free shipping. However, in about August of 2015, they changed their formula and the "Red' flavor 1.2%, and Red 1.8% e-liquid and cartridges they now send have a burnt/chemical taste that have driven us to local stores with the big Atomizers that we can actually get in a timely fashion. V2 is constantly out of stock on their largest selling cartridges and liquids and the taste is no longer bearable.

The final straw was the lack of understanding/empathy/even acknowledge my issue from their online customer service (Fernando) that said they haven't changed their formula and will not change their formula back. Obviously the person in customer service isn't an e-cig user, but to completely dismiss a client who drops $250-300 a month on their products. Does anyone know if V2 was bought or sold in the past year and the new owners are making a much cheaper less quality product and hired terrible customer service people to man the phones and online service chat?

It's quite insulting to use a product for 3-1/2 plus years daily and notice an immediate problem/change and have someone who's never used the product before tell you the company hasn't made any changes to the product. It's like drinking bottled water from the same company everyday, and one day they decide to put cherry Kool-Aid in it and then they tell you they didn't change anything. If anyone has any suggestions for a different company with similar products (smaller profile than the huge atomizers) as V2, I'd love any suggestions. Thanks.

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