As part of a two-year contract for Fios TV and 50/50 internet, Verizon stated in writing that I would receive a complimentary Ellipsis 7 tablet or $200 off any tablet from Verizon Wireless after 90 days. Timeline: 4/22/15 Service installed one day late. 9/4/15 Still no voucher. Went into a Verizon store, got put on hold for 22 minutes with promotions department. Finally told order not processed for some unknown reason. 30-35 days to fulfill, given reference number. 10/28/15 Nothing. Called again, told that an email with voucher was sent 9/10/15 that I didn't receive. Originally promised a letter. Another 7-10 days to re-send.

11/11/15 Called and requested supervisor. He was able to see the history of excuses connected to my claim. He said it would be 7-10 days to re-send the voucher. I had to stop him and say that was unacceptable after all this. Asked for the promotions department, told that they don't accept calls. He said that all his calls were recorded and he would not lie to a customer (my first call was to promotions). He said that he has to deal with many situations like mine every day. Lots of people are not receiving their promotions and are complaining. Finally "promised" that I would get my voucher via email in 24 hours. Guess what? NO EMAIL!!! I am not done yet.

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