I moved to an area of my state that Verizon simply does not cover. I had to change to AT&T. Verizon asked for over $600 in early termination fees! They told me "if I choose to move to a 'tent' in the mountains it is not our fault" (actual words from a rep. I swear!) I said "it is not a 'tent' it is my home." I set up $50 payments every month. Someone would call me on the 15th for the last six months and I would tell them to go ahead and charge my card. This month I did not get a call. Today (the 17th) I get a phone call saying I "broke the arrangement" and now I have to pay $150 per month. I BROKE IT? They said, "the lady that used to call you every month no longer works with us, so you didn't get a call but it was YOUR responsibility!!!"UNBELIEVABLE!!! STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON AT ALL COSTS. At&t is ten times the company.

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