I ordered a Verizon wireless phone on Nov 11 due to promotion by my internet carrier Comcast. Verizon sales rep said I would receive phone next day but could not send to my billing address (DC PO Box). I requested USPS but could only use FedEx which doesn't deliver to PO Box. Sales said I could send to my parent's PA address. Verizon Fraud Dept called – asked for my SSN, which I refused to give. When they couldn't find my order, I became suspicious and requested to cancel. Was transferred to Sales, Customer Service, Customer Care then back to Fraud Dept. Nobody will give a confirmation number to cancel.

Was told my new cell was "deactivated and associated with Cindy LNU" which is scary. Never received e-mail as promised for cancellation. I've e-mailed and talked to over eight Verizon employees. Was contacted by Fraud Dept on Nov 12 – was told my account was flagged due to different billing and mailing address due to fraud. (Note this situation was created by Verizon.) No notes or history about ANY of my previous conversations. No apology and no further attempts by Verizon to resolve, reimburse, or document my cancellation.

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