I purchased a Verizon Galaxy S6 phone I was told that my bill most likely wouldn't exceed $100.00 and that I could use that phone with other Cellular service providers. Ever since I left the Verizon Wireless store I started to get use to using the phone. I've never owned a smart phone before. So I was just getting familiar with all the apps and options that the phone gives you. I payed $380.00 that day thinking that I got a great deal on a $600.00 phone. Then I noticed just how fast the phone was consuming data. The plan I signed was 2 gigabyte's of free data for $60.00 a month and $10.00 for every gigabyte that I used over that limit. Within the first 4 days I was already receiving messages from Verizon Wireless telling me to upgrade my plan. I went back to the store and the people at the store said that I was on their best plan because I'm only paying $10.00 for every gigabyte that I go over.

Now I was in a position where I could only use my phone where free Wi-Fi connections were available to the public to avoid getting a large bill from Verizon. Then I noticed that every time I would be online the WiFi connection to the phone would disconnect and all the apps and open Web pages left open would continue to consume data. The Verizon Galaxy S6 was consuming close to $100.00 a month in charges and now I had a phone that I could not use without going over that $100.00 monthly bill. I looked at my data usage and noticed that certain apps were consuming data that I've never used before and that these apps turn on use up data and turn off. For example Amazon, Google play store, and other apps that offer you different types of services. This went on for a few months and I haven't downloaded anything, I haven't played any games or videos, and I didn't listen to any music.

I was locked into a contract where if I used my phone I would be charged for it. So in the month of October I turned off the Verizon alerts and used the phone the way I would use the prior phone I had. When I received my bill I was in shock the data usage was 29.5 gigabytes of data and I received a $384.00 phone bill. Now I knew that the person that told me that my bill would be about $100.00 a month lied to me.

I called Verizon Customer Service and asked them, "Why am I paying you so much for your data usage?" She replied that I went 27.5 gigabytes over the plan that I signed up for so I was being charged $280.00 for data. $60.00 for my plan and other charges for data sharing and I didn't even know what data I shared. Then I asked her, "How come you are charging me so much for data when other Cellular providers offer unlimited talk, text, and data for less than $80.00 a month? What makes your data so expensive compared to T-Mobile." She replied, "Our data is faster, our service doesn't cut out, and we have the best customer service."

Now I knew that I was locked into a contract with a company that mislead me when I signed the contract. And they were over charging the consumer for services that you can buy for less than $100,00 a month. I told Verizon to put me on an unlimited data plan to avoid these $350.00 charges. She told me that they don't have unlimited data plans. That I can upgrade my plan to 20 gigabytes of data for $175.00 a month and $15.00 for each gigabyte that I go over. So I went straight to T-Mobile and asked them to remove the Verizon Wireless Service from that phone number and I want unlimited data on this phone. Knowing that I would be charged $350.00 for early termination fees that I was willing to pay. Then my nightmare begins and I truly find out how Verizon Wireless is overcharging everyone across the United States for their data.

I called Verizon and asked them to give me a break down on how that data was used. And which applications on the phone used that data. Because now they wanted to bill me $616.00 and they told me that they are raised the line fees and are charging me $32.00 for CA Taxes. I also asked their customer service representative how come I can't set up a voicemail box or download anything on the Verizon phone now that T-Mobile is my cellular provider. That's when I found out that the store where I bought the phone lied to me about "the Verizon phone working with another cellular service provider." Now I went to T-Mobile and bought the same Galaxy S6 and paid $623.00 and I have the receipt to prove it. Now that I'm operating on the same exact phone I understand how Verizon Wireless is taking advantage of the consumer.

The first thing that I noticed when I got my new T-Mobile Galaxy S6 was that phone was giving me the options so that the phone wouldn't use that much data. I noticed that the WiFi connection on the T-Mobile phone doesn't disconnect as much as the Verizon phone does. I found out that apps and Web pages left open use up data. I also found out that there's a lot of apps on the T-Mobile phone that don't use any data where on the Verizon phone they do use up data. I found out that Verizon not only charges for data they charge for cookies as well. When you buy the same exact phone from two different carriers you would think that they would be exactly the same. But they are not the same.

I called Verizon Wireless back again because I wanted to let them know that went and I purchased the same exact phone from T-Mobile and I paid $623.00 for it. I asked them to deduct the amount that I paid for the Verizon phone when I signed the contract off of that final bill of $616.00 and we can settle this matter. I explained to him that guy at their store told me that phone would work with other carriers. And the last customer service representative at Verizon told me that T-Mobile service won't work on the Verizon apps that are in the phone. Then the person I was talking to said that they have a 14 day policy on returned devices and that all the charges are light and that their phone does work with other carriers. For me to go back to T-Mobile and get my money back before it's too late.

Now I was mislead by their customer service department and I was mislead by the sales person that sold me the Verizon phone. Verizon Wireless is a complete scam in charging more data with the device that they are selling to the public. The T-Mobile Galaxy S6 offers you the option for that phone to close all apps when the WiFi connection is lost or disconnected. The Verizon Galaxy S6 does not give you that option because when the WiFi disconnects the phone starts using up data in which the consumer is being charged for. The T-Mobile phone offers you the option where if you put the phone down for a few minutes without using it. The phone will close all the apps that are using up data. The Verizon phone does not have this option as well. The WiFi connection on the T-Mobile phone doesn't disconnect as much as the Verizon Wireless phone does. Verizon Wireless is a complete scam.

When I was using the Verizon Wireless phone on their data plan I was using up 28 to 30 gigabyte's of data each month. Last month on my T-Mobile Galaxy S6 on an unlimited data plan I used up only 11.6 gigabytes of data. How can two phones that are identical make a model Galaxy S6 from two different cellular phone service's not use up the same amount of data. The guy at Verizon could answer that question either. Should I pay them after being mislead into signing a contract with Verizon. Should I pay them after being mislead by their customer service representatives and I had to purchase another phone at full price $623.00 spent. Why should I pay Verizon if the same exact phone from T-Mobile uses up only half of the data than what Verizon is trying to bill me. Verizon Wireless can't even tell me how that data was used or which apps used that data. I need some answers in this matter.

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