I traveled to Brazil for 5 days. It's not the first time I've used roaming service for data, since it's such a short trip I thought I'd be ok, like the last time. Anyway, Verizon claims I've used 250$ in data while in Brazil. Funny thing, since I had wifi while I was there. Also, my data usage alerts went from 75$ to 250$ in 25 minutes!!! I wasn't even touching my phone. I know it's easy to use data, but I didn't upload videos, download apps or videos. It was basic things. I can't believe what's happening. If I had used it, I wouldn't mind paying for it. And the worse, they can't even tell me what I used the data for. So I am paying for something that they can't even show me. Very happy my contract is due this month, switching right away. Someone who doesn't appreciate my family's business, certainly don't deserve it.

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