If it rains at my house, my Verizon land line phone is inop. Last week a technician said he fixed it. Wrong, as it rained the following week and the phone went dead again. I called in again to schedule a fix time. So much confusion after that. First it was set for Wednesday. Then I called back and the operator moved it up. He said I could be scheduled in any 3 hour window. I chose 11-2pm. At 3pm, no tech. I called and went on hold for almost an hour. They promised 3:45pm. No show. I called back and was promised 6. No show. At 8pm, the end of my 12 hour standby, still NO tech. No call from anyone at Verizon. Just NO Darn Show! This is the worst comm company around. Check other reviews. Should be out of business!!!

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