It started when I scheduled my payment for 10-23. They just took it out 4 days prior. Glad funds were there, showed paid as check on my bank. Their bill that they sent me shows paid, yet they still claim I owe this balance. I called 10x and all they say is it was reversed. The payment was manually reversed. Really? Why? And then why is it not back in my bank, no one can answer. Yet they keep threatening suspension, and they are WRONG but too dumb to figure it out. Faxed everything to them – bank statement, their bill showing paid and they still say I owe this amount.

Received a voice mail that they couldn't identify me, even though I attached their bill, with my cell and acct number. They left a number to call back. Called back, no one knew what I was talking about. All they said is the payment was reversed because they are reading some notes. No one knows what is going on, and I want out of them. I cannot deal with this time and time again. Have similar with Fios but that's another complaint at another time. They need to apply the payment correctly, and hire people that have a clue. I cannot stand them anymore. Want out.

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