On 11/16, DSL service with Verizon was interrupted and we're prompted to call customer service. Called customer service the following day during business hours, 8-6pm. Placed first call at 3pm and was given the run around for 1.5 hours. Then transferred to a tech specialist in a foreign country that barely spoke English. That wanted to sell Fios’ services. Couldn't get any help with actual problem. Second call placed at 5pm, another 1.5 hrs of the run around to finally get another foreign specialist that tells me I have to upgrade to Fios because it is in my best interest to do so.

Since WHEN do I need someone else telling me THAT I HAVE TO BUY THEIR UPGRADED SERVICE? If I wanted the upgraded service I would have ordered it. To shut ones service off and tell them that this is what you now have to do because we want you to, is this HOW VERIZON RUNS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE? If possible I will do away with all of Verizon store services.

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