Other than the initial lying about the price of service which was advertised and disappeared online before I received my first bill, I haven't had an issue with the service I received which was internet and home phone. Then I moved out of state (from Pittsburgh, PA to Indianapolis) and needed to disconnect my service as it wasn't available in my new location. When I first called, everything seemed fine. There would be an early disconnection fee and they would send the return label to my new location as I had already moved and had the router with me. Over 3 weeks have gone by, so I called them up today to ask what was going on. First, I called the number listed in my still installed app on my laptop for customer service. After awhile, I got transferred to the area dealing with FIOS, but somehow they couldn't hear me and thought I had hung up. I heard them discussed how to reach me, but didn't receive a call from them.

Then I tried another customer service number and was connected to a woman off shore. I was on the phone for 30 minutes, but she said that she would note the label problem in my account, have one mailed to me, and gave me a reference #. When I asked to confirm my address that she would mail the label to as the last one hadn't reached me, she had it wrong and then corrected it. Then suddenly she said something was wrong with her system and she needed to place me on hold. I was on hold for somewhere between 10-15 minutes before I gave up and decided to call back. Next I received an Indian gentleman who told me that I needed to return it to a location in Pennsylvania a block away from my home. I told him I couldn't as I no longer lived there. He then told me I would need to put it in the UPS box and send it back.

I told him I couldn't do that as I didn't have a box nor an address to mail it to and how come I was told I could be sent a label and now I couldn't? He then informed me that as of Nov 1,2015, Fios was no longer sended prepaid mailing labels to return equipment and that my disconnected service had been sent to collections. I was getting pretty outraged at this point as I have been told three different things. Finally, he tells me that he can send me a label through some other department to return the equipment??? I tell him I need some assurance that I will not be charged the over $600 dollars for returning the equipment late and he says he can't do that, but will send a label.

Much more was said as I tried to also get an address to mail the package which he could not give to me for some reason. All this to say the we went to a similar issue with AT&T a few years ago and although we returned the equipment, they still charged us for it. Makes no sense at all, but I'm about ready to walk up to a Verizon store here that, although they don't offer FIOS, tell them they need to deal with this as it’s their company.

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