Over a 4 year period, every time I contacted Verizon, their customer service was rude and unwilling to answer my questions. They ripped me off with the 2 year plan based on the usage my wife and I had. They also kept bumping my bill higher and offered no recourse to me except to offer another, even higher priced plan. I then put off changing carriers because of the hassle of getting all my data transferred to a new phone. Also, Verizon locks their phones, so it's not easy to switch. I finally bit the bullet and moved to another company and I am so glad I did. Personally, I believe Verizon is corrupt and ripping off the American public.interestingly, the week I decided to "fire" them, they came out with a new pricing plan that would have fit our needs perfectly. Too little, too late. Verizon's employees are a bunch of.

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