The service was horrible. The customer service you could never understand anyone (no English) and the store employees are the worse. My daughter said she was going to take over my service. We went into the store and supposedly everything was changed over into her name. A couple years later I apply for a loan for a house, come to my surprise I had 2 Verizon accounts on my report. I made several calls to Verizon and explained that there should only be one account not two and that my daughter took over the service and the bill.

They informed me that instead of the store employee changing everything over to my daughter's name they just made me a "SUB ACCOUNT" and was informed that my bill was still outstanding. I went into the store where we supposedly changed everything over and was told there was nothing they could do. How is it my fault that the store employee made a sub account? I have tried and tried to find a phone # for the corporate office and have been unsuccessful. If someone can find it would you be kind enough to pass it onto me? Disappointed in Kentucky.

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