After 20 years – I am leaving Verizon. Why? Your customer service SUCKS. Since volume seems to be your hope for success I doubt you care why. But social media also rules and from the number of likes to this article, I would say a large number of people are interested.

The scoop – it starded with an upgrade to a refurbished phone (on the advice of your CS rep). This pulled me into another 2 year contract; which was fine since I was loyal to Verizon. Well, after 42 days the phone died. The online CS rep told me not to worry since there was a 90 day warranty. I just needed to go into any store and they would take care of me. I went into the store and was told they could not help me since this was a refurbished phone. But the would be happy to let me take ANOTHER upgrade from my account for the NEW phones they had on their display. I must look stupid or something – I guess it's the M. B. A., the M. D., and the Ph. D. – these must have made me stupid somewhere along the way. I politely declined. I wanted my phone replaced – today. Seems simple enough – you sold me junk, I have a warranty, the store carrying your name has them in stock. I even offered to switch to a newer phone (and give you another $400) as long as it did not consume another upgrade on my plan. But you just couldn't do it. And since this is my lifeline when I am away from the office and my primary line for my children's school to conact me, I wasn't impressed.

The best option the store had for me was to have a new one sent to my home (by the way, I can't even transfer to my older device while I wait). Fine. You promised me SATURDAY DELIVERY. We even selected it in the store and IT WAS CONFIRMED. But when I received the email notice that it had shipped, it was sent US MAIL Economy. Imagine my joy. I called your customer service rep who politely told me after 20 minutes on hold (each time) to "check with the manager" (which really means servicing other people), "I will gladly credit your account with $20". I guess that is $1 per year of loyalty. An outstanding deal. Not even an offer to send another one OVERNIGHT for MONDAY delivery (which would still have left me with 3 days of no phone). She also told me that Verizon doesn't ship overnight – which is funny since it was on YOUR APP in the store and available to me if I wanted to add another phone. So basically, existing customers in a contract mean nothing – actually that is not correct – $1 per year of loyalty.

Now, you could reach out and call if you were at all concerned that a 20 year customer is bailing because of your poor service. But that will probably not happen. But since my phone doesn't work I guess will have the same chance of hearing from you as if it was working.

Which gets me to here. I'm done. I am signing up with another carrier. When possible, I will transfer my number out and my wife will follow when she selects her new phone. I am locked in your contract – but I will consider paying the ETF and/or letting my attorneys decide if I should pursue arbitration or small claims – or just take it in the shorts. By the way, the cost to ship for saturday deliver was $20. So I guess in the end my loyalty wasn't even worth $1 per year. Job well done.

As an individual I am really disappointed. As the CEO of a small (~400 person) company, I am concerned that this is representative of the quality of service given to our employees – and this I cannot ignore. My recommendation (which really means directive) to our procurement department is to seriously consider another carrier for our company – regardless of the cost needed to change. You see, I do care about customer service; and having any of our employees without coverage, especially when customer facing, is not acceptable.

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