So, i decided to buy these verizon prepaid phones for my kids not knowing that every interaction that would have with customer service would be so freakin annoying! The first time I called was because, I was charged twice. I got a representative that asked me all the security questions, then asked me for a security that I had not established yet. When I told her this she went on to ask me another security question, which I answered by the way, then she asked me to spell my answer! Seriously!!! I ended up just letting her have it the most sincere and professional way that I could. I advised her that it shouldn't be this hard to get "my" money back that was taken from me twice, and that i answered the questions. She finally reversed the second charge. After that within the last week, I have had to call them 4 times because one of my children's phones has been resetting itself and it takes you to the setup wizard. 3 out 4 of those calls these very intelligent reps kept telling me that because there wasn't enough money on the account, that the phone couldn't be used…? Really?

Let me see…$45 unlimited plan… And when you don't have $45 on the account, then you are charged $. 20/text or like $. 10 / minute for the money you do have on the account… Wait, oh yeah the amount of money you have on the account doesn't make your phone reset itself! My last and only post for bs… I'm taking my business elsewhere, if it wasn't for these ridiculous encounters with representatives that don't know a thing about their own products and could effectively assist me, I would have been happy to just keep the service. If there prepaid customer service is this bad, I wonder how bad their support is for contract phones… Never mind, I don't want to know.

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