This is my letter to the CEO of AT&T
Dear Mr. Stephenson,
Recently I learned that a company called Vesta was charging my credit card account $40.75 every month for the last six months. When I called Vesta, they told me they were billing me on behalf of the AT&T Go Phone. In October, 2015 I purchased a Go Phone, but canceled the order the next day because the phone would not fit my daughter's needs. When I went into the AT&T store, here in Savannah, they lined me up with new cell service that was more suited for both mine and my daughter's needs. At that time, the sales associate – Justin Briggs – said he would cancel the Go Phone. I never signed or agreed to anything that would allow AT&T/Vesta to charge my credit card. When I asked Vesta to produce the documents authorizing these charges, they told me I would have to provide them with a court order. When someone from your office contacted me on this matter, he told me this was out of the hands of AT&T and I would have to deal with Vesta. I think this is a neat little game you all have going – where you give Vesta your customer's credit card information – without your customer's knowledge or permission – then wait for the proceeds to come back to AT&T. It would appear that AT&T and Vesta, being partners in crime, are making a lot of dishonest money off of your unsuspecting customers. I have requested all of my financial institutions to BLOCK Vesta and AT&T from charges to any of my accounts. Additionally, I have gone to every web site I can and advised all of your poor unsuspecting customers to do the same. This is stealing and it is sad that AT&T has sunken so low. For the last 25 years I have had cell service with AT&T. I have been a loyal customer, and always paid my bills in full and on time. The money you could have made off of me as a continued customer, verses the money that you have stolen, is sizable. This would seem like a bad business decision to me, but you are the one running the company

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