Vickie Ives and her family of Karma Farms in Marshall, Texas (Woodlawn, Texas, actually, just north of Marshall) intentionally breeds cats with deformed front leg bones which render them incapable of getting around except through hopping in a motion reminiscent of someone using a pogo stick. She calls them the Twisty Cats.

Unfortunately, this is not illegal in Texas. Speir started publicizing the cats in 1998 and received a big backlash in return. She now pities herself publicly, considers herself persecuted, and vilifies, threatens and harasses the people who protest her actions and/or try to put a halt to it. Her husband has left her. The older of her two daughters, Victoria (Tori), has publicly supported her in this and her younger daughter, Tomlyn, has not said anything publicly against it.

Aside from the issues this organization has of cruelly breeding and " registering" mutant cats, the owner, Vickie Ives persists in lying about her horses.

Vickie states on her website that there are only 5000 colonial Spanish Horses left in the world, and persists in exaggerating and misrepresenting the rarity and also the origins of this and other derivative breeds of Spanish Colonial horses in America

It is a fact that there are still multitudes of these horses, pasture bred, still true to type after 500 years, all over Mexico, from whence they came to the US in the first place.

She is obviously engaged in her own backyard breeding program and is inventing her own breeds as with the cats. This seems to be a peculiar human trait, to desire to manipulate nature, but Ms. Ives seems to allow her imagination to alter the facts. Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware when dealing with this Karma Farms horse business. At least be aware there is a lot of " myth making " going on with these people.

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