Hello VS,

I am a Customer Service manager for a financial company. I just experience the worst customer service representative with my girlfriend from your Glendale Galleria Mall Store. Located in Glendale, CA. My experience took place at 6:2pm PST. I literally watch your customer service representative ask my girlfriend why she had to return these new items and did not want my girlfriend to buy more from the store. Does that even make sense to you??? Cause it doesn't make sense to me.

The representative (#1815747 on receipt) questions my girlfriend and again and again. VICTORIA Secret, you need to properly train your employees and have them understand what it means to have good, not even great, but good customer serivce skills. Also some training on products ans sales knowledge won't hurt either. Because obviously the employee had no idea what's going on in your store. She has to ask her manager for assistance on return and repurchase??? Is not rocket science!!!

Michael Wong

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