I visited the Goodlettsville, TN Visionworks (Rivergate Mall). I went in, sat down, and waited for at least 10 minutes. Nobody said, "hello, may I help you." Nothing. So I left. The two people in the front were helping other customers, but they could have at least said hello. No one was at the center front desk. That's where someone should have been to greet people as they walk in. Before I went to the Goodlettsville office, I had spoken with someone at there via telephone. The lady said she would call me back once she called and got some information from the Madison Visionworks (where I had gone previously). Well, it's four hours later.

How long does it take to call and get information? I've not heard a thing from her. I don't know who (Goodlettsville office or Madison office) to blame for the delay. I think both offices are bad about returning calls. The Madison office probably can't locate my name. My experience with them (Madison office) and the inability to locate my name in the system is why I wanted to give Rivergate Mall office a try. Now I'm considering going somewhere else completely. Thank God I got the Madison office to give me my prescription before I walked out the door. I can just get the glasses from another place.

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