Visionworks is horrible! I went to this location in Laurel which used to be eyes only but Visionworks replaced it, bad move. The very first day I was there to make an appointment, I was told the doctor could see me at 3:30 pm. I arrived there at 2 pm. Next I was asked if I could call my insurance company and see what they would pay for my lenses and eye exam. I had to use my own personal phone to contact them. The doctor who gave me my eye exam explained everything to me in detail and was very nice. The person who fitted me for glasses complained the entire time how sick he were, he tried to sell me additional things for my glasses that I did not need. My eyeglasses was extremely high in price, usually I am able to get two pairs for the price I paid for one.

After, receiving my glasses I wasn't able to use them at work because I could not see with them on. After a week, I went back to the store and explained my problem. I had to wait approximately 30 minutes while there was three people at the front desk talking, not waiting on anyone. Finally, one of them came to assist me. I explained my problem that I wasn't able to see with the new glasses. The lady adjusted my glasses on my face and asked if that were better, after doing this about several minutes, I attempted to explain to her it had nothing to do with adjustments.

Finally, after giving them to the doctor he checked and informed them I had been given the wrong prescription. I were told it would take another ten days. After ten days I went back and still no glasses! So on November 5,2015 I contacted them and were told my eye glasses was in. Unbelievable! I never received a courtesy call to say my eyeglasses were in, I never received any type of compensation for their error. This is the most bad experience I have ever had when getting eyeglasses. I would not recommend Visionworks to anyone. I did not rate them with one star, because they don't deserve one star. This ordeal have been over a two month period of time.

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