Bought a 60" 4K Vizio TV in June. For the last month, every time you turn the TV on, it takes 5 minutes to cycle through the inputs and randomly land on one. Called Vizio support and was hung up twice on because the idiots working can't operate a phone system. Finally got through for them to tell me they would send someone out to fix it and would take 5-7 days. Ended up taking 10 days and still hasn't fixed the problem. Finally they told me they would send a re-furbished replacement TV, but it will take 2 weeks. Even worse, they offer no compensation or discount for your loss of time and service. Paid good money for a new TV and now I have a re-furbished one after only 4 months. What TV has issues after 4 months? I have a Samsung for the last 10 years and runs completely fine. VIZIO = terrible TV and terrible customer service. Will never buy again and wouldn't recommend to anyone else either!

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