Have you noticed it's football season an veterans day sales are afoot.

We bought our Tv about a year ago, we bought the extended warranty.
The back lite portion of the TV went out.
We called an followed all the instructions.

Wal Mart tech was sent out (after an hour of US-talking to your tech)
He confirmed the TV will have be replaced.

Then we get a phone call asking us how the service was an that our tv has been repaired to new spec.

Then we get a phone call asking us how the service was since the service request has been closed.

So whats the problem. We still have a 100% Fail tv. Absolutely NOT REPAIRABLE
We have no – as in NONE – Current or OPEN – control or document number (s) from anyone about anything having to do with this TV.

in other words, you wasted 3 to 4 hours of our time, your time, an did nothing about the failed TV. As well as having us let what appears to be a total stranger in our home under the assumption he was (at the least) going to do something, otehr than close the service request with no further action.

As a smart arsh let me say there are at least 100 TV's on the self in at least 5 locations with in 50 miles of here at Walmart

As well I notice below you want my info
well the TV in in my wife's name, not mine.

ARE we or are we Not going to have to go out an buy a new TV.

can you please tell us before the super bowl.

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