I wanted to express my frustration with your product. I purched at 60in tv and within 30 days there was an electrical issue and the unit turned off non stop. After making contact with Best Buy they arranged to send me a new unit same model. Now 14 months later the TV screen decided to go completely black. My wife called and was told sorry it would cost to much to repair and your out of warrenty good luck… So I called back requested to speak to a manager and he basically told me the same thing. Warrenty is only good for 12 months after that there is nothing VIZIO will do. I explained this TV was $1200.00 (no cheap) its mounted to my wall and there is nothing we did to it for this to happened and said maybe there is an issue with this Model. He went on o basically imply that I was just unfornignate and in a 14 month time span had 2 bad TVS that are the same model.

Where is the customer service?
Did it end the day I gave you my money?
What would make me want to purchase anything for Vizio again?

I went to Best Buy and told the salesman I wanted a new TV but did not want a VIZIO. I explained my frustration and his responce was "Yes that sounds like VIZIO customer service"

So apperently this is what alot of people think of your service.

I know this will fall on deaf ears but I know I will never purchase your product again. I want someone that will stand behind there product and this is not you.

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