On the 7th October 2016 at approximately 15:45 I requested Vodacom Chatz Connect shop 8, Festival Mall Kempton park the upgrading of my telephone contract. I was served by “AK” who brought 2 phones in boxes to the counter. I was made to sign a contract and requested to pay R255.I did not have enough cash and proceeded to the ATM situated approximately 200 meters away from the shop to make a withdrawal. On my return to the shop I found the consultant busy with another client and waited for my turn. I then proceeded to the counter and made the payment required and was issued a receipt. I was then given 2 telephones and a starter pack as per the contract agreement which I took in good faith and trust as they were not checked for discrepancies. Reaching home I inserted the new starter pack in a black Samsung phone and dialed my old number in order to identify my new number. At this stage I was not aware of the crack which became visible after removing the plastic protector on the face of the phone.

On the 8th of October 2016 around 10 o’clock I went back to the store to inform them that one phone was broken (cracked screen). I did not get any satisfaction from the store as an argument between myself and the consultant arose due to what I had informed him. He also acknowledged that the phones were not checked on the 7th in front of his colleagues, customers and my wife. He then blamed me for not checking the phones in store which I replied it was his responsibility to give me phones in a good condition. He then advised that the phones must be booked in for investigation and will feedback in 14 days. I felt unfairly treated and requested new phone identical to what was issued, he then advised it’s not possible therefor I requested that the upgrade be reversed so that I can cancel the contract with Vodacom and go to another service provider.At the store I was advised that the upgrade cannot be reversed meaning I have to keep the phones for 2 years. This is the first time I have received such dismal service after using the contract for more than 20 years. I am a pensioner who runs a farm in Limpopo and was in JHB to attend a farming equipment auction and now I have been inconvenienced by Vodacom as I can’t return to Limpopo with a phone which I wanted to use in my business. I returned both phones to the store and left them there.

Please assist in terminating all my accounts with Vodacom and allow me to take my business elsewhere.

My contract number is 0824623973

Full names LJ Mogale

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