I work abroad and I'm paying this account on behalf of my daughter. I reviewed my recent bank statement and noted that amounts of R7,248.37, R2,410.77, R7,517.49 and R5,300 were debited against my bank account over the past 4 months. This is a total of approximately R22,500 and prior to this, the history on the account indicates monthly billing previously equated to 6 to 7 hundred Rand per month.

Post-consultation with my daughter, she assured me that the data and cellphone was utilized with no excessive usage of telecommunications. No monthly statements from Vodacom received by myself, even though my contract states that copies be sent to my email address. I'm also aware that the data cap of 1 gig data per month was agreed upon in January this year when I accompanied my daughter to the branch in Canal Walk. Trying to resolve this matter from abroad is a nightmare. I've given my daughter the authority to transact on my behalf and she's been treated like dirt.

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