Purchased a wig for $195.00 from Vougewigs.com. The picture displayed did not match description. The description said it had chunky highlights and that was an understatement. The wig is mostly blonde (Since my complaint, I see that they have changed the description). Extremely disappointed. When I received the wig it was not even close in color to the picture. I tried it on briefly and quickly removed as I knew it had to be returned. Put it back in box and read the return policy. The only way to get a full refund is to do business with them for an in-store credit otherwise you lose a 15% restocking fee.

Called their customer service who asked if I had even tried it on? I was honest and said yes. I was then told they would be keeping 30% because it had been tried on. Spoke to manager who authorized the 15% and told me I would get back $165.75. They received my order back on 10/19/15 and today I received an email from them today (11/5/15) informing me that after inspecting the wig they were only going to give me $136.50 as the wig was in poor condition (It still had the tag on it) and smelled like cigarette smoke or perfume. One I do not smoke nor does anyone else in my house and secondly I am allergic to perfumes and do not wear.

WOW unbelievable. Buyers beware of their return policy and just know that you will receive their interpretation of the description and not what is pictured. If you ask them why the picture does not match description, they will tell you they have no control over the pictures but yet it's their website and they are completely responsible for content. Would not recommend at all.

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