To Whom i may concern,

As spoken, I had lodged a complain report dated 4th November 2015 and attached is the tax invoice as per requested.
My complain was lodge more than two weeks time but yet to receive any reply from VW. I think it's time for me to write it out and nothing can stop me to send this copy to VW Germany.
My car model is Polo TSI.

Herewith my Issues:-
1. Arm rest was loosen quite some of the times but was usable and nothing with it. I send for checking, however after few days the PIC called and claimed that the arm rest was broken. At first, i want to emphasise that it's usable and nothing wrong with my arm rest but just loosen a bit. PIC said it's was broken and no warranty anymore after two years but my question is who can deny the possible someone try to open it and coincident broke it? Last, i ask him how much, he just said 16 somethings for the arm rest bracket and i repeat twice one hundred plus and the answer is yes. To reduce the hassle and fight with PIC, i had to say proceed. After repair when I've to collect my car, the tax invoice was one thousand plus plus. What wrong with it? I try to talk to PIC. What make me mad is the impolite and rude services provided by the said service centre.

2. My clutch issue was happening close to two years. After feveral complain, finally they agreed to replace a new clutch for me. However, the next day my collected my car, i found transparent oil leaking on my car porch. After few days, i felt something went wrong and call to the VW PIC again. I be told to send back my car for investigation. It's fine as usual my car need to send back and put there few days. End up the answer was driveshaft oil seal worn out? What wrong with the car or service centre? Is it so cheap-cake the oil seal broken? I'm arguing and VW glenmarie said it's was co-incident. Are there co-incident? Why i've to pay for this faulty? The leaking happened right after the clutch fixed, is it co-incident?

3. I been send my car back to VW service centre in and out for this few months and yet the issue fix. Before changing clutch, the car was under power. After fixed, it's back to normal. However after oil seal changed, the under power issue back again. The most terrible was after fight for my right about the arm rest, there promised to fix it and collect the workmanship RM 80 from me. According to the PIC, they try to glue back but charged my RM80, is it reasonable? I doubt so. The worst it's was broke after two or three days.

My frustration was undescribeable in words as i'm going to mad.
Should i pay the RM 1690 just for arm rest bracket? If it is broken before i send back, it was usable and stand strong there. What happen now was it's not longer usable and unable to install back. How about my clutch issue and under power? I'm customer, how dare service centre scold back customer when i pointed out this all issue? Are there anything hide behind?

Would appreciate your revert.

Chew Shi Zhuang

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