A tenant, who told us, "The house is great, " and who added an extra week, and then also asked to reserve for next year, wrote a bad review, after we (the home owners) told him about some damage. And get this – we didn't even charge him to fix that damage.in good faith we absorbed the cost and sent him money back. The tenant also did not pay the house cleaner which he was supposed to do in the contract, sticking us with the cost. The tenant also said something out of context in one of his negative attacks. He said, "The owners were swimming in the pool, " when he arrived. Well he FORGOT to mention that he arrived 7-8 hours too early and that we ALLOWED him to stay. That's right, we gave him an extra day and we left immediately.

We feel VRBO should look at the discrepancies between his negative public reviews and his positive private emails and messages to us, when he loved the house and wanted to return.instead, VRBO refuses to delete unfair reviews, even when they are not true. And we have documentation. So, VRBO charges the home owner $899 per year to list with them and it is a RISK to anyone's rental property. When you list with VRBO, you risk permanent damage to your credibility because the website allows people to badly characterize the home and the owners unfairly. Even though VRBO says we, the homeowners, can respond online, it's still there and lowers your rating for no good reason. We have a gorgeous home and it is immaculately clean, not one speck of dust. We make sure it is perfect. It is better to allow brokers, who know your house, to show it, even though they charge commissions. Brokers know your house and they know the truth.

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