After paying $1500/yr to have the platinum advertisement with plus the Home Away ads (charged before the two merged), our position was moved to 34th place, sometimes 50th, even though we've been advertising through them for 7 years, have had a history of many yearly bookings, have professional pictures, respond within hours of an inquiry, have generated 1,000/yr of payment processing fees, have had over 66 reviews, yet they put us in 34th or later placement. Ahead of our home, are chains and many homes without as many ratings/bookings/all higher prices/fewer amenities etc.

CONSUMER BEWARE when searching via vrbo or Homeaway for a nice/affordable place to stay, since the choices will be higher priced accommodations and chains (such as Wyndham) which are all higher priced with much less value for your dollar! We've now listed for advertising with other companies and will not renew their "platinum" offering at $1249/yr. They are trying to increase their own income by promoting higher priced/less consumer value properties.

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