For years I had listings on VRBO when it actually meant something. Vacation Rental By Owner. Today I have grown and for the past few years have listed up to 30 properties on HomeAway and VRBO. I have never been more frustrated with the greedy company than I am today. I probably pay an average of $1600 per listing. Every day, as we all know who list on this site, we are thrown a new hoop to just through. For years I have jumped. And what good does it do. Nothing. I pay for platinum. I use the stupid "book it now" which I don't want nor does the traveler. I update calendars just for the sake of updating calendars. And what do I get? I slide further and further down in the rankings.

I have amazing properties and do an amazing business. I now have the responsibility of proving to owners that I can do what I say I can do. Well, I can no longer make promises to my owners because HomeAway is just a sham. Nothing they tell you as and owner or manager is true. You could hire a full time staff to just through all their hoops and it would not help. And then all the ads under the listing we pay for sending potential guests to hotels. Don't get me started on that. I fear for what's to become of the industry. There seem to be no alternatives today. Hopefully if all owners and managers can band together, we can help one new site step up and go back to where we all started. Owners and managers dealing directly with out guests.

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