Okay. I'm going to try to make this short. We booked a trip on VRBO for a condo. 8 business days later my mother was hospitalized. She had an appendicitis and they also found cancer. I called the owner of the property immediately. Told her my whole story and I did not request a refund but just to reschedule our trip for a later date. They would not work with me! We had already paid $1,100. And they wanted another $800 to reschedule!

I was so sick about I didn't know what else to do that I filed a dispute with my credit card company Capital One. They refunded my money immediately and told me if they needed any more information from me they would contact me and that after 90 days if I didn't hear from them my case would be closed. Well here I am 4 weeks from the 90th day with a $1,100 charge! The owner of the property kept telling me I can only cancel 30 days prior to my trip but that wouldn't apply to me because I booked the trip 8 days before I cancelled! What do I do?!?

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