We rented online through VRBO (HomeAway) a vacation rental for Boston and paid $1140 plus $425 damage deposit. The full amount was charged to our credit card at the time of booking (Sept 17,2015). We tried starting October 10 to contact the owner both independently and through VRBO and he never responded to our attempts, thus we had no way to access the rental or any information.

VRBO tried to also contact him to no avail. We then had to cancel our reservation and book a hotel. We have NEVER received any refund from owner and VRBO has admitted that he is a fraudulent owner yet they cannot give us the refund. They advised us to contact our credit card company to get the money back. There is no protection for you renting through vrbo/homeaway. They say they have a protection plan, but they make it so complicated that their own service people tell you to go elsewhere.

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