Ever since I bought your OVHD decoder I constently get this error "E04: This service is not aurhorised by operator for viewing".in the past I sent the OSSD serial number to *120*6843#, but not it's telling me that I have exceeded the amount of times registering the number and now I must contact your call centre. I can understand that this is a cheaply made Chinese product, but what do i do now. I bought the decoder over from someone and the box was sealed and unopened, when I got it. So I am the first to register the decoder. When I want to reset to factory settings the box ask for the "Input Lock Password which i figured out as 0000, but still I'm not receiving any OVHD signal. What should I do with this rubbish decoder? Throw it in the bin, like most of the "Made in China"? I hardly use this rubbish and have to spend money re-registering the product everytime?

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