Upon review of existing posts for WageWorks, I felt like I should offer my recent experience too. For a straightforward claim requesting a nominal amount of money for reimbursement, I was contacted about 10 times via email across one week whereby customer service conveyed something vague to me about missing information. One time I was supposedly missing the claim form, another the receipt, and yet another a copy of the front and back of the commuter pass that I never received (a new request for information by them, not indicated by the first customer service call I had).

It's obvious that their customer service is poorly trained, because they couldn't keep track of simple detail in conversation, couldn't provide responses beyond a canned response for a given issue (it appeared), etc. I've interacted with 3 customer service technicians who were not qualified to handle any degree of complexity in the review of my claim (which, I really didn't have any, couldn't have been more straight-forward).

I got my most recent random email from their system today indicating "no cf" – that was literally it – and I called them in response to find that they processed my claim, that I was getting reimbursement. They did decide to stiff me $6.50 because I apparently elected to take a train ride without the missing pass, and I didn't know what else to do since I had to go to work. Then when I request to speak to a manager, I was on the phone 20 minutes waiting, with nearly zero touchpoint with the initial customer service rep, who probably hoped I'd just give up. So, this isn't the biggest bad-customer-service experience but it certainly seemed in-line with the other more significant ones. I thought I'd offer mine in the event it proved helpful to someone.

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