I have United Health Care insurance which is a complete farce. They are nothing short of thieves. However, Walgreens being connected at the hip with them told me when I went to get some test strips for my Breeze 2 that they have to be approved by UHC and then 100 strips would cost over $100.00. I actually paid that once. Now I just got an idea to check Amazon. Go figure, I found the test strips at $44.00 for 200 strips with no hoops to jump over. So Walgreens is using my deadbeat insurance company as they pay for nothing to hoodwink me into thinking I have to pay this outrageous price. What else are they screwing the public? Goodbye to Walgreens for me. I just hope this gives someone else a shot at saving their hard-earned money instead of giving it to these dishonest and greedy thieves.

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