On 10/23, I had dropped off my daughter's prescription to our local Walgreens in Manassas, VA. I picked up the medicine and took it home and put the medicine (still in the prescription bag) into our home's medicine cabinet. On that following Monday morning, my daughter's other pill bottle had run out and it was time to start on the 30 day supply of her adderall. When I went to open the bottle, I noticed that the pills looked different, and also… MY name was on the bottle!

I called the doctor and the Walgreens, both seemed to point the finger at the other in blame. Ultimately, it was determined that while the doctor wrote the Rx incorrectly (supposed to be 15 mg TR and it was written as regular release), Walgreens could have caught the error had they put the correct name on the prescription. I have been in touch with Walgreens' corporate line and had one follow up call from the pharmacy manager… That was almost TWO weeks ago and no follow up. I mean, I don't know about others, but my kid's life being jeopardized, kind of a big deal. Happy to know Walgreens cares so much.

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