To whom it may concern:

On October 4,2015, I dropped off my picture slides at Walgreens Store to convert the slides into a DVD. I was told the DVD will be ready in 3 weeks. Three weeks later, I never received a call from Walgreens photo department, when I called them, I was told they do not have my order but will investigate as to what happened. Walgreens assistant store manager, John Ranieri, called me and told me that Walgreens employees have lost my order (please see the attached email correspondence).

As I have told John previously, I do not appreciate such carelessness with my family's heritage old pictures. The picture slides that Walgreens lost were brought all of the way from Ukraine by my immediate family members specifically to have them copied over to the DVD in the United States. These are our only family pictures that were taking place in 1970s of our childhood and now they are lost due to incompetence of Walgreens employees.

Now my family has no way of obtaining our pictures back and Walgreens is at fault. I have asked John to compensate my family $4000.00 for these pictures and the heartache this Walgreens store has cost all of my family. I do not appreciate John as well as other Walgreens employees taking this issue lightly. John offered $500 compensation which does not at all cover the cost of family members traveling to the United States with these picture slides as well as emotional attachment that my family has for these pictures.

I ask you to look into this matter seriously and put yourself in my position. I asked for such compensation to cover the cost of getting my pictures to the United States and well as the emotional distraught that Walgreens caused my family. My pictures are lost forever and can never be replaced. My family and I have been completely mistreated and disregarded by Walgreens Store #05489.

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