What a shocker. I switched pharmacies, even sent my CVS card back when CVS 1st announced "no cigarettes" even though it was more convenient to my driving route.

Since then you went from competitive pricing to now a this month more than a $1 higher than the current local market price at gas stations, grocery stores (exception Ralph's, convenience stores and even cigarette stores. What appears to be a 40% increase for the year.

I can't imagine your buying power forces these sort of increases.

Why retailers can't leave fascist personal and/or local sentiment or pressure from pricing decisions is beyond me.

Well not totally beyond me because like I said, I quit using CVS which cost them several thousands of dollars in sales over the last 2 years.

You see I shop for convenience, price and have become quite fond and loyal to my local Walgreen's before this latest price gouging increase. You have been my Walgreen's, Target, Staples, Ace, 7/11, Staples, Etc.

But since you decided to increase my staple/impulse/habit by $300-400 per year I no longer have that to spend in your store on other items. Or the other $200-$300 per week on other the products I can find elsewhere.


Stephen Smith

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