I ordered a iPod Touch from this sorry company and the purchase went so smooth. I was super excited to get my iPod. It said FedEx were to deliver the package today. I was expecting to get it too and just when expected it to be delivered today. Nothing showed up at my address! I emailed Walmart informing them about this situation and they don't do anything to help. This person talking about file a police report in order for them to do anything about. Why the hell should I file a police report as if I'm looking for a lost child. It wasn't stolen you idiot. FedEx just never delivered it like they were suppose to, that's why I hate when FedEx delivers.

Trust me, this is not the first time I had a problem like this with Walmart ordering something offline and never got it delivered. I told the girl I was gonna leave a bad review because I don't feel she wanted to help me. I want a refund because no one does anything at walmart to satisfy a customer nowadays!!! This is just my review!!!

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