I purchased a bag of cooking onions which were priced at $1.39 on november 4,2015. When the clerk was checking out my purchases, she asked the price. I told her they were $1.39 for the bag. She weighed them and charged me $1.38 a pound and the price came up to $4.32-plus tax!!! The rude cashier even charged tax on the onions. I didn't notice until I got home. I scanned the receipts. I live about 12 miles from the store. Yesterday, (11/11/15) I drove back to the store, wasting expensive gas. What a joke the employees are! I wonder if they even went to high school!

Two clerks and the manager were pondering. Took about 15 minutes to get my credit. They sent someone to get a bag of onions. This week, they were $1.79 for a bag. Finally I got my credit on my charge account. Also, on one of my trips to the store, I bought quite a bit of merchandise. The cashier was chatting with the customer who was checked out before me. There were three bags of my purchases. All of a sudden, there were only two. That customer grabbed one of the bags when I wasn't looking and took off. I was out of luck. The cashier was also rude. I went to customer service and they would do nothing about it! When I got home, the stolen items amounted to 29.87.

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